Privacy Policy

Basic Policy

All IDEX Group companies consider the protection of personal information in the course of business through compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other relevant laws and guidelines a fundamental aspect of business and a social responsibility.
Employees will be thoroughly educated and trained in the proper handling of personal information to ensure that customers may use IDEX Group company services with peace of mind.
We will also respond promptly to complaints and consultations regarding the handling of personal information and periodically review and improve the appropriate measures concerning the handling and safeguarding of personal information by IDEX Group companies.

1.Acquisition and Use of Personal Information

IDEX Group companies will acquire personal information through legal and fair means and will publish or announce the purpose of use (including announcements made under this policy), and, when obtaining personal information directly from the individual through contracts or other written documents (including electronic documents), the purpose of use will be clearly stated beforehand.
IDEX Group companies will use personal information only to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of use stated.

2.Purposes of Using Personal Information

(1)Personal information concerning customers

【Purposes of Use】

  • ◆To verify customer identity and perform individual authentication
  • ◆To ship products, invoices, and prizes to customers who have participated in campaigns
  • ◆To respond, verify, and record customer inquiries, consultations, complaints, repairs, and support
  • ◆To develop products and improve/enhance other services
  • ◆To improve/enhance customer experience in digital services (websites, mobile apps, etc.) offered by IDEX Group companies
  • ◆To advertise and provide information on products, services, campaigns, etc., through announcement letters, emails, etc. (*1, *2)
  • ◆To deliver targeted advertisements based on behavior using Google, Yahoo, and other advertising distributors (*3, *4)
  • ◆To analyze demographic data and behavioral history acquired by IDEX Group companies in order to understand customer hobbies and preferences (*2)
  • ◆To safely provide customers with products and services from IDEX Group companies. This includes identifying users who violate the Terms of Use, notifying such users, and investigating, detecting, preventing, and responding to fraudulent activity and unauthorized access involving misuse of the services.
  • *1)Information obtained from customers, such as web browsing and purchase history, is analyzed to provide services and deliver advertisements.
  • *2)There may be instances where IDEX Group companies use information about customers' hobbies, preferences, and browsing history obtained from a third party outside the IDEX Group in conjunction with customers' personal information already in the possession of IDEX Group companies.
    In such cases, consent will be obtained from customers in advance and information will be used to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of use listed above.
  • *3)Cookies are a kind of technology used to record and manage information of customers using IDEX Group company websites on computers or application software.
    IDEX Group company websites use cookies to create a better experience for users visiting the website.
  • *4)IDEX Group sites use Google Analytics, a service from Google, to understand the state of visitors to IDEX Group sites.
    When Google Analytics is used on IDEX Group company sites, Google collects, records, and analyzes the visit history of IDEX Group company sites based on cookies issued by the IDEX Group company.
    IDEX Group companies receive analytics from Google to understand the state of customers visiting IDEX Group company sites.
    The information collected, recorded, and analyzed by Google Analytics does not contain any information that can be used to identify a specific individual. This information is also managed by Google in accordance with its privacy policy.
    Customers can stop the collection of their information through the use of Google Analytics on IDEX Group company sites by disabling Google Analytics through their browser's add-on settings.
    Disabling Google Analytics can be done by downloading and installing the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on from Google's opt-out add-on download page and changing the browser's add-on settings.
    If Google Analytics is disabled, it will be disabled on websites other than this one visited by the customer, but can be re-enabled by resetting the browser add-ons.
    For an explanation on Google Analytics' terms of service, see the Google Analytics website, and for an explanation on Google's privacy policy, see the Google website.

<Google Analytics Terms of Service>

<Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on>

(2)Personal information concerning business partners (including employees of corporate clients)

【Purposes of Use】

  • ◆To make necessary business communications, fulfill contracts, conduct negotiations, etc.
  • ◆To manage information on business partners

(3)Personal information concerning shareholders (including employees of corporate shareholders)

【Purposes of Use】

  • ◆To exercise rights and fulfill obligations under the Companies Act
  • ◆To manage shareholders, including creating records required under the law

(4)Personal information concerning customers who have made inquiries

【Purposes of Use】

  • ◆To respond to inquiries

(5)Personal information concerning customers participating in seminars and events

【Purposes of Use】

  • ◆To manage and operate seminars and events
  • ◆To offer and provide information about seminars and events
  • ◆To send communications regarding seminars and events, and to send materials

(6)Personal information concerning job applicants at IDEX Group companies

【Purposes of Use】

  • ◆To contact applicants for recruitment, provide information, and for other uses necessary for recruitment
  • ◆For the recruitment selection process

(7)Personal information concerning employees

【Purposes of Use】

  • ◆For business communication with employees
  • ◆To pay compensation (wages, bonuses, allowances, etc.), conduct personnel and labor management, and provide welfare benefits to employees
  • ◆To manage employee health.

For uses of personal information not listed above, please contact us individually as specified in Section 7.

  • *The purposes of use of personal information by companies that outsource insurance sales activities to IDEX Group insurance companies are posted on the individual company website (see below).
  • ◆List of life insurance and property insurance companies (PDF)
  • *Handling of sensitive information, including the customers' health conditions and medical history, is based on customer consent and limited to the scope necessary for business operations in accordance with the Regulation for Enforcement of the Insurance Business Act and the Guidelines on the Protection of Personal Information in the Financial Sector.
    IDEX Group companies will not acquire, use, or provide sensitive information to a third party for any other purpose.

3.Joint Use of Personal Information

(1)Categories of personal information

【Purposes of Use】

Customer/user addresses, names, postal codes, telephone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, etc.

(2)Scope of joint users: IDEX Group companies

Shin-Idemitsu Co., Ltd., IDEX Auto Japan Co., Ltd., BUDGET SHIKOKU Co.,Inc., Stern Fukuoka Co., Ltd., IDEX Bayerische Motoren Co., Ltd., IDEX Retail Fukuoka Co., Ltd., IDEX Retail Nishi-Kyushu Co., Ltd., IDEX Retail Kumamoto Co., Ltd., IDEX Retail Minami Kyushu Co., Ltd., Shinko Sekiyu Co., Ltd., IDEX Business Service Co., Ltd., i-Life Solutions Co., Ltd., Pocket Foods Co., Ltd., affiliates, partners, etc.

  • *Affiliates refers to franchisees in the rental car business ("rental car franchises")
  • *Partners refers to agencies in the rental car business
  • *For the Mercedes Japan privacy policy, see the Mercedes Japan website.
  • *For the BMW privacy policy, see the BMW Japan Corp. website.

(3)Purposes of Use

Personal information concerning customers in 2 (1) above will be used jointly within the scope of the purposes of use.

(4)Responsibility for Person Data Management

IDEX Group companies are responsible for personal data. For the addresses and representatives of IDEX Group companies, see (2) above.

4.Provision of Personal Information/Personal Data to a Third Party

IDEX Group companies will not provide personal information entrusted to us to a third party except in the following cases.

  • ①When prior consent has been obtained from the customer
  • ②When outsourcing to an outside party within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use
  • ③When required under the law
  • ④When doing so is necessary to protect life, body, or property, and it is difficult to obtain customer consent
  • ⑤When doing so is especially necessary for improving public health or promoting the sound development of children, and it is difficult to obtain customer consent
  • ⑥When doing so is necessary to cooperate with a national agency or local government organization in the execution of legal duties, and when obtaining the consent of the customer would pose a risk to the execution of such duties

5.Outsourcing of Personal Information

We may outsource personal information belonging to members for information processing work.
In doing so, we will enter into an agreement with the company to which we outsource the work to ensure the proper management of personal information.

6.Matters Related to Safeguarding Measures

IDEX Group companies implement necessary and appropriate security measures to prevent the breach, loss, or damage of personal data and ensure its management. We will also conduct necessary and appropriate supervision over employees and contractors (including subcontractors) who handle personal data.
Our major personal data safeguarding measures are as follows:

  • ◆Development of personal information protection guidelines
  • ◆Establishment of rules concerning the handling of personal data
  • ◆Organizational safeguarding measures
  • ◆Human, physical, and technical safeguarding measures

7.Requests for Disclosure of Personal Information

IDEX Group companies will respond promptly to requests for inquiry, correction, suspension of use, deletion, etc., of personal information, after verifying the identity of the person making the request through the prescribed procedures.
Contact the Customer Center below for any questions about this privacy policy or to exercise your rights.


For questions or complaints regarding the handling of personal data by the company, contact the following:

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  • Contact the respective company for inquiries concerning personal information at our rental car franchises and Mercedes Japan.
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