Local Information in fukuoka Prefecture

🚗 for a change after work

Store name: Saga Station store

Greetings, this is Kitamura from the Saga Station store.

It has been a while since my last blog 🎵 But with my new PC I’ve got more emoji features 👍 So be on the lookout for more flash and color 🎉🎉
Today I went to the Chikugo River Lift bridge that crosses the Chikugo river on the border between Saga and Fukuoka🌉
The bridge has become steadily famous in recent years due to social media and I often see tourists taking pictures 🎵




But the strong winds and clouds made today unfit for photos 💧🌀💧
I had to constantly check my camera settings because the clouds and brightness often changed.




But for a brief 5 minutes I was able to get a beautiful view so all was good 🎵 Plus the ray of sunshine was a great touch. Although a scenery like that is all up in the air, please come by if you are ever around near Saga. I recommend you come during early evening 👍🏻


~Chikugo River Lift Bridge~
Address: 2499-9, Mukaijima, Okawa-shi, Fukuoka
Parking: Available
Restrooms: Available

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