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Driving in Saga

Store name: Hakata Station Chikushiguchi store

Hello everybody!
This is Yamazaki from the Hakata Station Chikushiguchi store
Today I’d like to talk about my trip to Saga prefecture😋💖


First I went to the Yūtoku Inari Shrine in Kashima City🚙💨



Since it’s considered one of the Three Great Inari shrines of Japan, there were a lot of visitors even during a weekday!




There were a lot of wind chimes with prayers and wishes written on them and you’ll feel the summer seasons every time a wind passes by to ring them🍨


The approaching path to the shrine is lined up with a shopping district so you can try around a lot of food too ☀


Next I went to the Takeo Library 📚



The library has a Starbucks inside so you can read while you sip on some coffee. A most pleasant place to be 😎☕

Highly recommended for anyone who have yet to visit!!☀


Finally, I went to the Stone Oven Bakery kusukusu 🍞



Some of you probably have already been here since it’s such a famous bakery😋


Both the interior and exterior has that Showa-era retro look and it’s such an adorable bakery 😍

They not only offer various types of breads but you can also buy them by the pound too!


A great road trip, while also following COVID-19 protocols and keeping social distance 😊💕

If any one of these places strikes your fancy, do take go take a visit!

I’m already planning on which prefecture to go next 🚗💨


⛩Yūtoku Inari Shrine⛩
1855, Furuedaotsu, Kashima-shi, Saga Prefecture
Parking available


📚Takeo Library📚
5304-1, Takeo-cho Oaza Takeo, Takeo-shi, Saga Prefecture
Open: 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Parking available


🍞Stone Oven Bakery kusukusu🍞
1.26-11, Hyogo-minami, Saga-shi, Saga Prefecture
Open: 7:00 AM to 7:30 PM
Closed: Thursday
Parking available

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