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Driving in Yamaguchi!!

Store name: Hakata Station Chikushi Exit store

Hello everyone!
This is Yamazaki from the Chikushi Exit store 🐣

The other day was absolutely beautiful, so I went driving to Yamaguchi 🌞


And the Karato Market is the place to be if you’re in Yamaguchi!! 🐟💗
I was a bit late leaving the house so I arrived on 11:00 AM. 😊👍


Since it was Sunday, naturally the market was pretty crowded!!




Salmon and thick-layered omelets are my two favs so I had them IMMEDIATELY 😋🍳


After that, I headed to the Tsunoshima Bridge 🚗💨




It was an absolute scorcher that day and I was dripping in sweat after climbing just this hill LOL


But the view from here is simply breathtaking 🌻
(There’s a shaved ice parlor up this hill so make sure to go here to escape the heat 🍨)


After crossing the Tsunoshima Bridge, I went to the Motonosumi-jinja shrine 🚕💨




Known to be a sacred place full of ⁂ beautiful contrasts of red, blue and green ⁂


Once you go through 123 Torii gates, I was floored when I came across a beautiful and expansive view of the sea ✨


I’m already planning on where to go next 😊💭
So keep safe, practice proper COVID measures, and let’s all enjoy summer to the MAX 👀💗

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