Kyushu Expressway Pass(KEP)

Kyushu Expressway Pass(KEP)
NEXCO West Japan has started Kyushu Expressway Pass (KEP) for foreign visitors who travel around Kyushu. Until the last year, the term of KEP was only four months from the beginning of September to the end of December. However, this year’s KEP does not have the expiry date! And, Budget Rent-A-Car collaborate KEP again as same as the past years! Why don’t you rent a car from us with our special offer ‘Free One-Way Drive in Kyushu (till 25th December this year)’ and KEP? This could be a good chance to drive in Kyushu!
Please note that ETC Card is required to drive on expressways, so please reserve ETC Card when you book a car.
    For more details, please see the attached PDF.
    We are looking forward to welcoming you

Expressway Pass Programs (for unlimited expressway use at a flat rate) such as KEP, SEP, HEP, TEP, JEP are operated by their area NEXCO companies. Please note that you won’t be able to use the service if the service period is over when you actually use the pass, even though you have made a plan to use it at the time of booking.

For more details on KEP (English)
KEP Terms of Use (English)
For more details on KEP (Korean)
KEP Terms of Use (Korean)

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