Special Offer

[30% OFF] Tigerair x Budget Joint Campaign

Promotion period
From 21/8/2017 to 31/5/2018

The basic fees will be 30% off when customers make reservations with this plan and present the Tigerair ticket stub at the campaign stores when renting their cars.

* The customer must present ticket stubs to receive the benefits. (Tickets are only valid with dates up to three days before the date of car rental are valid.)

* The prices displayed during the reservation process is the rate where the 30% discount has been applied. However, if customers fail to present their tickets on the day of receiving their cars, they will only receive a 25% discount.

* Customers cannot switch plans during their rental.

Applicable vehicle/ rental fee

Indicated on top in red=special online reservation price Indicated at the bottom in blue=regular price

class Up to 6 hours Up to 12 hours Up to 24 hours Extend for one day Extend for one hour
¥4,309 ¥4,687 ¥5,670 ¥4,536 ¥756
¥6,156 ¥6,696 ¥8,100 ¥6,480 ¥1,080
¥4,687 ¥5,443 ¥6,426 ¥5,670 ¥907
¥6,696 ¥7,776 ¥9,180 ¥8,100 ¥1,296
¥5,292 ¥6,804 ¥9,072 ¥6,804 ¥1,134
¥7,560 ¥9,720 ¥12,960 ¥9,720 ¥1,620
¥9,223 ¥9,979 ¥13,759 ¥10,962 ¥1,512
¥13,176 ¥14,256 ¥19,656 ¥15,660 ¥2,160

Stores with special offer

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Terms and Conditions / Warnings

* Please return the vehicle with a full tank.
* Your reservation will be cancelled if we do not receive any contact one hour after the reservation time.
* We may cancel your reservation if you do not accept our terms and conditions and warnings.

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[30% OFF] Tigerair x Budget Joint Campaign